It’s what the Greello team calls our beach packages!

This package consists of items we usually take with us to the beach in Florida.

We would pack the following:

– Beach wagon
– Beach chairs
– Beach umbrella
– Cooler
– Beach toys
– A gift sunblock or tanning lotion

This is a basic beach package that we definitely think would be needed to have a great day
on the beach.

What else would you put in a package like this? Any ideas? Feel free to put together your
own package, you’re not limited to this list.

It is most likely at some point you let a friend use some of your things on the beach.

Why not earn income with this?

There are all these things for the beach laying around in your garage,
why not make good use of them?

Think about all those who come for a vacation to Florida and rent a place to stay, rent a car, then they could even rent a #floridaset from you!

Opportunity to earn extra income!

We are offering a prize for a lucky winner who participates in listing their beach package for rent. 

Please see details below:

Sweepstake for $1000!

How to participate:


Put together your own #floridaset, try to include as many items as you can and be sure they are in good condition


List it on https://greello.com under the #floridaset category

(located under: List your item > category)


Please be sure the availability to rent your #floridaset is accurate and requests to rent it are fulfilled


As soon as the first 100 #floridasets are listed, we are going to award $1000 to a lucky winner!

Share this #floridaset offer on social media, the sooner we get the 100 #floridaset listings, the sooner is your chance to win the $1000 grand prize

You can enter the sweepstake here:

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